Terms and conditions


Terms & conditions are usually filled with legalize that would require a lawyer for interpretation. The musicians at Ron Cobb Copy Service would like to try a much simpler approach. You buy it, it’s yours. Just kidding! In all seriousness we would like you to consider carefully what you are buying because most of what we sell is print on demand and in many cases what you purchase may never be purchased again. Therefore it is important for us to know that when we go to the effort of printing a piece of music, that it will most likely be played.

Return Policy

We will accept returns but you will need to contact us for approval first. The item must not be damaged in any way and the customer will be responsible for paying the shipping charge.

Missing Pages or Damaged MusicUpon receiving your order if you find that the music is damaged or has missing pages Ron Cobb Copy Service will replace the music at our expense.